BMX Wimp (2017 2D Animation)
Cyrus Jabbari BMX Wimp (2017 2D Animation)
Ball Fall
Cyrus Jabbari Ball Fall
How to Make Artificial Life: a Synthia Cell
Cyrus Jabbari How to Make Artificial Life: a Synthia Cell
A Facepalm Moment
Cyrus Jabbari A Facepalm Moment
Follow Through and Overlap Animation
Cyrus Jabbari Follow Through and Overlap Animation
Head-Hit Trip
Cyrus Jabbari Head-Hit Trip
Don't Abuse Sharks!
Cyrus Jabbari Don't Abuse Sharks!
Cyrus Jabbari Derrell
Sphere-Line Action
Cyrus Jabbari Sphere-Line Action
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Marco Lukini Perez robot in to human 5
ya (danski) tang Bone structure
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Andrew Capuano 2017 Portfolio
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Mandy Perea Studio Work Spring 2017
Tristan Kilmer Reel 2017
Tristan Kilmer Tristan Kilmer Reel 2017
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Shianne Yang poison
Shianne Yang we
Shianne Yang stuck
Shianne Yang most injuries are self-inflicted
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