Sabina Estrella Arias Rios Centeotl Canta (Centeotl Sings)
October 29, 2015The CalArts EyeVol. 6 No.1
Eye Vol 6 No 1
The CalArts Eye Eye Vol 6 No 1
Help! Dying!
Noah Malone Help! Dying!
Hidden Dignity
Noah Malone Hidden Dignity
Stranger At Supper
Noah Malone Stranger At Supper
Unknown Error
Noah Malone Unknown Error
Deep Shift
Noah Malone Deep Shift
Project Feedback
Noah Malone Project Feedback
The Biggest League
Noah Malone The Biggest League
Full Lotus
Noah Malone Full Lotus
Noah Malone Check-Up
Noah Malone Posture
Slow Down!
Noah Malone Slow Down!
Personal Loan
Noah Malone Personal Loan
Noah Malone soft-serve
"Gebrochenes Horn"
Noah Malone "Gebrochenes Horn"
Noah Malone Esther
102.5 FM
Noah Malone 102.5 FM
Noah Malone Reflecting
Noah Malone Dr. Follicle's Hair ANYwhere ;)
Noah Malone 1974
on the net
Noah Malone on the net
Noah Malone chatroom-romance
Noah Malone neo-techno-futurism
Noah Malone ...
Noah Malone Party
Noah Malone Phys-Ed
The idea began when I returned from the UK after winter break. I had just endured an 11 hour flight followed by a mammoth airport security line.I boarded a SuperShuttle van at about 8pm for $50, relieved to be on the last leg of my journey. I didn't arrive home until 10:45pm after going around World Way twice, and then every possible neighborhood on the way to Valencia, dropping off 9 of the 12 passengers on board. The other 3 of us hailed from CalArts. We were of course the last stop on the Sup
What it's all about!
CalArts RideShares - A to B What it's all about!
Don't travel with anyone you don't feel comfortable with.Only swap meeting places, phone numbers and any other personal details via private message.Be on-time to your rides, don't expect anyone to wait for you.If you're offering a ride, make sure your insurance covers you to have passengers.If you've agreed to chip-in for gas money, make the agreement clear and fair.Be polite to your fellow CalArtians!CalArts RideShare is here to connect you with fellow CalArtians to travel together to make life
Common Sense
CalArts RideShares - A to B Common Sense
It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!1.Go to Public Projects2.Choose your route (i.e. CalArts to LAX)3.See if anyone has posted a RideShare that fits your travel plans, and contact them via private message.Don't see the ride you're looking for?To post an add on the route project you need to first request membership by clicking the request membership button. Once accepted, you can add a posting.Please use the template format to make your ad clear and cohesive.
Looking for a Ride
CalArts RideShares - A to B Looking for a Ride