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Description: This project is about social justice in the 21st century, bringing to light the reality we that our society now lives with police brutality. People of our generation are experiencing a phenomenon unlike any other, in the age of handheld technology, there are more and more frequent accounts of police brutality being publicized all over social networks. What began with the devastating events of the Rodney King incident, has become common place for our generation of artists. As a collective of artists, we want to tell a narrative about feelings on the past, present, and future of police brutality. Our Composition begins with "Rodney King, then to now,...forgotten?," which is told in two sections comprised of poetry, videography, choreography, acting, scenery, costumes and modern music from Elliot Carter's "Esperit deux esprit rude" for flute and clarinet. Divided in two parts, beginning we set the scene with video clips of police brutality from Rodney King to now, poetry, acting ...