Animal Collective - Grass (Music Score)

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88.7 BPM, Bb Major. Yet again, the sixteenth triplets are not rendered, so for reading, especially the vocal melody, think swung sixteenths.

This one was time-consuming, especially with figuring out the effects, and time signatures. The guitar delay rhythm is 1 repetition at 1/16 Triplet, followed by 1/8th with several repetitions. You can hear this at the end of the song. You need the two to get the syncopated rhythm, otherwise it would just be even.

The drums are 1/8th Triplets, or swung 8ths. This song, as with much of AC's other work, and especially on Feels, sounds quite complex, but it's composed of many simple layers. It was confusing because there's this back and forth each eighth note, but if you think about it in terms of the drums hitting on beat 1 (I transcribed those first to get the structure), it becomes much easier. There are a couple measures of 5 at the beginning of the two "A" verses, but the rest is in 4.

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Christian Van Houten