Lablakely Dress (Panda Bear Vocal FX)

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New kind of video that I plan to do when I can. Panda's vocal effects have always particularly interested me in this song, so I tried to figure it out!

We hear Panda Bear's voice pitched up with his unaffected voice, but never pitched down together with the unaffected voice. In order to control the unaffected voice without necessarily affecting the high pitched voice, we first have to split the signal into two busses, and not have the audio strip go straight out (otherwise we would either always hear the unaffected voice, or mute the entire signal).

Signal flow (as shown at the beginning of the video): -Panda Bear’s vocal channel: Pan Right, Bus 1 and 2 (both Post Pan), No Output. -Bus 1: Input main audio channel, Vocal Transformer pitched +24 (two octaves), Bus 3, No Output, [Or output Bus 3] -Bus 2: Input main audio channel, Vocal Transformer, pitch -12 (one octave), -12 formant (can play with this), Stereo Out. -Bus 3: Input Bus 2, Echo (Delay)--0% dry, 100% wet, 1/8th notes, decaying after a few echoes. Stereo Out.

Controls: -Bus 1 (Up): Toggle Bus Volume On/Off. This gets the short blips, but the echoes continue after muted, since the delay is on a separate track. -Bus 2 (Down): Toggle Vocal Transformer On/Off (so, either unaffected signal or pitched down). -There also seems to be a filter or something getting high frequencies, only when pitched down, therefore also go onto Bus 2, toggling On/Off. -Bus 3 (Echo): Toggle Echo On/Off: not the signal itself, because sometimes the pitched up signal is turned on/off quickly without any echoes. Busses 1 and 3 must be separate because the pitched signal is toggled on/off but the delay continues; if the echo were dependent upon the pitched signal it too would be muted. -Toggle Repeats: The number of echoes increases at a couple points. -Also, the speed of the echo might briefly shift to 1/4 once or twice (Toggle Rate).

Please excuse my singing. The pitch plugin could also sound bett

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Christian Van Houten