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Description: A community of 24 filmmakers and 6 composers came together to create an animated film using the Exquisite Corpse process completely, from image to sound. Artists included Calarts students and alum Paul Fraser, Maya Erdelyi, Gina Kelly, Sara Gunnarsdottir, Ethan Clarke, Jeanette Bonds, Kari Seekins, and established artists Jim Trainer (2012 Guggenheim award winner), Tunde Adebimpe (TV on the Radio), Maureen Selwood (Calarts Faculty, Experimental Animation), Nate Page (Machine Projects) and many more. Artists were given the last frame of the previous artists sequence and used that as a starting point for their own sequence in a daisy chain of animation that lasted for a year. Composers were given rules (key, tempo, silence to sound ratio) to create two tracks of music and sound design. One of the tracks made by the composer was passed to the next to begin a layer focused exquisite corpse. The result is a film uniquely tied together to create a non-stop sensorial experience.

Goal: To create a film that is directed by a community rather than an individual, and to take that film in

Due Date: April 14, 2014