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[CAUTION: COARSE LANGUAGE (SWEARING) in song. Listener discretion/parental guidance advised.] This is a track that I wrote while waiting at the bank. Disgruntled with how little my job pays me I furiously hummed a melody and spat lyrics while contemplating how the F I was gonna pay my bills and rent. I featured this song in my fundraiser at https://www.gofundme.com/get-mage-through-until-payday .


You ain’t the boss of me Done with your judging me I’m more than my paycheck I’m worth much more by heck

This ain’t the price of me I’m underpaid you see Done with your exploiting me Ain’t working for almost free no more

Driving nearly 200 miles every day Working for pathetic pennies that I’m paid They tossing me barely enough to cover One paycheck’s for rent, and bills are on the other I’m paid 1200 but my rent’s 800 This ain’t enough I’ve had enough Gimme what I’m worth cos I’m fucking fed up I’ve got a master’s degree so you can shut up

I would live in your city but the rent’s too high I ain’t cramming into a closet for the same goddamn price As where I live in my high desert tower Got my own fucking pad where I can jam at all hours So if you still want me to work for you Pay me what‘s fair or else what I’ll do Is take your clients and charge what I’m worth Then I’ll get to keep all the profits I deserve

This evil corp that I work for Takes such a huge cut that makes me sore Ouch ouch I can feel the burn! The company takes almost all and I get only a third What the fuck this is such a dick move My performance is stellar as I’ve already proved For nearly two years I’ve served these corrupt clowns With only an 80-cent raise it’s time I get out

SoCal is so tough to live But I love the sun so I’m gonna give All I can into making it As for shitty wages I ain’t taking it So I’m gonna fly and I hope you cry Cos you’re losin

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Linda Marie Lockwood
Musician, Music Teacher, Teaching Artist
Palmdale, CA, USA