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+ABOUT Sheree is a passionate Wordsmith, Creative Storyteller, Freedom Fighter, and Poet. Her New Memoir, “Naked with The Fan Running,” is due out next year. Also, in the pipeline, a book of short stories, three children’s books, and a nonfiction work, “The Gentle Art of Story.” She has published Articles/Fiction/Poetry/ on a myriad of topics and has thirty years of experience working in the charitable non-profit sector. Born in 1962 in Alhambra, CA, United States, she earned her BA in Engl
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Bradford Taybrook Mills Man v. Carrot
AHEE - Get Higher
Bradford Taybrook Mills AHEE - Get Higher
Anthony D'Eredita Mess
parts i and ii
Anthony D'Eredita parts i and ii
The Miner's Canary
Anthony D'Eredita The Miner's Canary
Anthony D'Eredita Dream Less tie dye shirt
Demo Reel 2018
Kyle Chang Demo Reel 2018
Garden Without Flowers
Alyssa Sherwood Garden Without Flowers
Tourist Eye (CUBA)
Alyssa Sherwood Tourist Eye (CUBA)
Thousand Mile Stare
Alyssa Sherwood Thousand Mile Stare
Alyssa Sherwood Ravengrin
Alyssa Sherwood Green
Alyssa Sherwood Migrations
Alyssa Sherwood Lakedoll
The UnWoods
Alyssa Sherwood The UnWoods
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Quasar Wei Blade Runner 2049 spinner
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Quasar Wei L85A2
1 Thomas Marven Writing Sample: Four Related Fragments and MA Thesis Introduction February 14, 20s18 “The way in which we are educated nowadays means that we develop a second nature, and we have it when the world calls us mature, of age, employable. A few of us are sufficiently snakes one day to throw off this skin, and to do so when beneath its covering their first nature has grown ripe. With most of us, its seed has dried up.” (Nietzsche) Four Philosophical Fragments 1. Concerning “truth
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Natalie Gooden Origamtea
Tristan Boesch Journey to the West 2
Tristan Boesch Little Women
Tristan Boesch Twelfth Night
Tristan Boesch Journey to the West
Jonah Primiano jimmies
Sharing Back Explainer Video
Osman Hyder Sharing Back Explainer Video
The Leopard
Osman Hyder The Leopard
The Last Man (Excerpt)
James Michel The Last Man (Excerpt)
Undergrad Student Filmmaking Reel
James Michel Undergrad Student Filmmaking Reel