Natalie Gooden Origamtea
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Lucas Lacamara Corner1
Mandy Perea Skull from Dewey
Mandy Perea Sea Glass
Mandy Perea Crushed Penny from Nion
Mandy Perea Moth from Caroline
Mandy Perea Minx Tooth
Mandy Perea Head Hair
Mandy Perea Dismembered Stag Beetle
Mandy Perea Carpet Beetles
Mandy Perea Beetle from Audrey
Mandy Perea 24 Days of Birth Control Pills
Mandy Perea 2 Letters To Ramona
Mandy Perea 1 Cycle of Menstrual Blood
Mandy Perea Red Carpet
Sarah Ibrahim Conversations PII
audrey jackson Light Starved
audrey jackson It is his birthday
Liam O'Donnell Untitled
Aquatic Synapse No. 1 (The Happiest Place in You)
Danny Hynds Aquatic Synapse No. 1 (The Happiest Place in You)
Regret (San Junipero)
Danny Hynds Regret (San Junipero)
Sabina Estrella Arias Rios Nuestro Maíz Morira el Dia Que Muera el Sol
Reel 2017 ♒ Grace Nayoon Rhee
Grace Nayoon Rhee Reel 2017 ♒ Grace Nayoon Rhee
BMX Wimp (2017 2D Animation)
Cyrus Jabbari BMX Wimp (2017 2D Animation)
Norris Lee Duckett III Demo Reel
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Colin Yeo Miscellaneous 3-D
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Samantha Chen Relic/Resonance
Samantha Chen Relic/Resonance
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Kate Kendall the port was longing also