Christian Van Houten Contemporary Political Theory Essay 1 In this essay I attempt to disambiguate some of the relations between the meanings of liberalism, neoliberalism, bourgeois, individualism, capitalism, and democracy, with Carl Schmitt’s The Concept of the Political and Deleuze and Guattari’s Anti-Oedipus particularly in mind. With regard to Schmitt, it is interesting to read a so-called right-wing (i.e. Nazi) critique of liberalism when most academic literature today on the subject comes
Neo/Liberalism and other Disambiguations
Christian Van Houten Neo/Liberalism and other Disambiguations
Christian Van Houten History of Experimental Film Response 4 There are two things from Stan Brakhage’s film The Wonder Ring I would like to consider. The first is layers. Specifically, the shots from inside the train looking out the window. Not only do we see what’s through the glass, but we sometimes also see the surface of the window itself, and the reflected image of those inside the train (and it’s plausible that the window reflects the other window, and they bounce back indefinitely). That’
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Christian Van Houten There are many things one could say about A Movie by Bruce Conner, such as the relation between the title and the content of a movie literally composed of several movies, but I will focus instead on three related elements that came to mind while watching. One is particular to the film and the other two more general to the construction and experience of film, based on what is done here. The first is the sequencing images from disparate sources in a found footage film, specif
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Christian Van Houten History of Experimental Film Response 7 Take the 5:10 to Dreamland, Bruce Conner. Immediately called to mind is 3:10 to Yuma, which refers to a train line. Already, then, we know that we’re going somewhere in the film. Indeed, the object – a white flower petal? – propelled upward by the radiator appears to transform into a kind of space rocket. And we get scientific diagrams and other objects that reinforce this possibility. Then, the “rocket”, having undergone yet another t
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Christian Van Houten History of Experimental Film Response 8 Bridges-Go-Round and The Wonder Ring, both films of urban structures, have many similarities. However, what constitutes the films’ vast differences is how these similarities – and the interrelations between these elements – are foregrounded. The similarities, generally speaking, are of: color, shape, space, and texture. There are actually few colors, numerically, in Bridges-Go-Round, but they take a prominent role because of the large,
History of Experimental Film Response 8.docx
Christian Van Houten History of Experimental Film Response 8.docx
Christian Van Houten History of Experimental Film Response 9 Earthly Possessions (The Looking Glass Trilogy, Part III) by Pelle Lowe. “When the world leaves you”, words spoken in the film, would be an apt description for both what seems to go on in it as well as the experiencing of it. The quality of the Super 8 itself has a lot to do with this otherworldliness: namely, the sonic distortions and the off-white color values that feel like parchment. Though much of the film takes place in interior
History of Experimental Film Response 9.docx
Christian Van Houten History of Experimental Film Response 9.docx
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Kate Kendall Butte/Mesa: Landscape Score to Be Read
Steven Chen We Watched It II
Sneaker Waves Grandma warned me, From the depths they will rise to swallow everything Forged in darkness Pulled forth from the cosmos There is no escape We cannot see them They are coming It will hurt
Sneaker Waves
James Bernard Sneaker Waves
Music and the Sublime: Aesthetics, Phenomenology, and Lacanian Psychoanalysis Christian Van Houten Advisor: Dr. Christopher Latiolais Kalamazoo College Department of Philosophy A paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts at Kalamazoo College. 2015
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Christian Van Houten Christian Van Houten SIP.pdf
1SARA BIERSTEKERIrene looked at her bloodied fingertips, clutching the old Cadillac’s steering wheel. She grew pensive. “Nope,” she thought. “Still not even.” Finger by finger, she bit her nails while stuck in morning traffic. In theory by the time she parked in the chain link fenced parking lot, her nails would be bitten even. Her execution was always haphazard. Distinct spots of dried blood trailed on doorknobs or walls that she carelessly brushed against as she walked up the six flights of st
Inorganic .pdf
Sara Biersteker Inorganic .pdf
Jesse G VanDenKooy En Caso de Fuego