Woolard 1 White Rose The year is 2110. America has been divided along the Mississippi River. The Western Union is a chrome-covered utopia governed by the wise and beloved Council. The East is no more. After being orphaned at a young age, Auri Midas has been forced to call New Washington Academy his home. His everyday life is dictated by the rules of the Council – a dull and uneventful routine only disrupted by the occasional beatings from the school bully. The sole bright spot in Auri’s bl
White Rose - excerpt
Nathan Woolard White Rose - excerpt
The Boy Who Howled
Timothy Power The Boy Who Howled
Nathan WoolardThe Nobles - pilotINT. MRS. EDMUND’S CLASSROOM - MORNINGThe room is full of students, who chatter aimlessly amongst themselves before class starts. The teacher, MRS. EDMUND (30), small in stature, steps up before the class and clears her throat. Everyone else gives her their attention, curious. She appears rather tense as she begins to address the class.MRS. EDMUNDPay attention, everyone. Before we get started with our first lesson, I have an announcement. A new student will be joi
The Nobles - Pilot opening
Nathan Woolard The Nobles - Pilot opening
Lost SoulNathan WoolardTo revive his younger brother, young teen Alistair offers his soul to a mysterious tradesman, but guilt and grief blind him to the truth of his situation. EXT. HOUSE - NIGHTA blizzard envelopes a small house on the edge of a thickly-wooded forest. Yelling from inside the house filters out when the front door swings open and ALISTAIR, 14 years old, average height, dressed in heavy winter clothing, bursts outside. Inside, his MOTHER, mid-40’s, audibly crying, continues yelli
Lost Soul
Nathan Woolard Lost Soul
Woolard 1 Anton Arcadia’s Supernatural Speakeasy Ty had to stand on tiptoes to kiss Natalie’s lips, but he didn’t mind. The setting sun glinted off the front window of the Murrays’ butcher shop, framing Natalie’s face in a golden light as Ty looked up at her. A halo for an angel, he thought. Contrived, yes, and cheesy beyond all reason, but appropriate. Lucy’s pitch black parasol blotted out the light as she stepped up beside the couple. “Sure you can’t come with us, Nat?” she asked. She
Anton Arcadia's Supernatural Speakeasy
Nathan Woolard Anton Arcadia's Supernatural Speakeasy
Woolard 1 Sir Aurea Aurea’s entrance was masked by the roar of the tavern patrons, cheering and booing at the outcome of the joust playing on the big-screen magic mirror. Sir Mount had been favored to win, but in a shocking upset he was defeated by Sir Prise. Money begrudgingly changed hands under the table as Aurea took a seat at the end of the bar. Dinner was rarely an occasion that she looked forward to; good food was scarce in these parts, and rarer still was a meal that didn’t lead to
Sir Aurea
Nathan Woolard Sir Aurea
Woolard 1 Wings Once upon a time, there was a silver angel. They were widely regarded to be the most beautiful being in all of creation. Their prodigious wings shimmered in the golden light of the heavens. The constant dazzling gleam outshone the Sun itself, and others came to know the angel as Astrulux: The Shining Star. Even the peoples of the land beneath the clouds saw the light of the angel and revered their celestial luminescence. It was said that Astrulux was blessed by the Great Crea
Nathan Woolard Wings
Woolard 1 Mother Tongue Lily pressed on against the biting wind, clutching her woolen cloak to her chest in a futile attempt to ward off the cold. The trail ahead of her would have posed a hefty challenge even in the summer months; to tackle it in the depths of winter was virtual suicide. But Lily was unfazed. Her mission was too important to be impeded by mere snow. A full-on blizzard would not be enough to extinguish the fire in her heart. A week ago, she would have never even attempted
Mother Tongue
Nathan Woolard Mother Tongue
Woolard 1 The Captive Princess Aurea sat straight up in bed. Discordant sounds assaulted her ears from beyond the heavy iron door, which rattled on its hinges. The bone-jarring crash of steel on steel. The splintering of wood. A high-pitched cackle, like a hyena’s. The hiss of burning pitch. Someone was in the keep, dueling with Malcolm. Someone had come to rescue her. It was exactly what she’d read about in fairy tales. The dashing Hero had arrived to rescue her from her prison. Sh
The Captive Princess
Nathan Woolard The Captive Princess
Nathan Woolard 1 Lost Soul White snow blanketed the black forest. Moonbeams, full and bright, barely penetrated the canopy of branches to reach the earth below. No natural sound disturbed the emptiness of the night. The wildlife did not stir. All was still. The fresh snow crunched beneath Alistair’s boots. An icy wind blew down his bare neck. Fourteen-years-old and he still forgot to bring his scarf. Noah would have known better. But it didn’t matter now. Where he was going, he wo
Lost Soul
Nathan Woolard Lost Soul

Academics, Artists, and Museums5.pdf


Deborah E Banerjee Academics, Artists, and Museums5.pdf
the anxiety collection
the anxiety collection.pdf
Sarah Yanni the anxiety collection.pdf
+ABOUT Sheree is a passionate Wordsmith, Creative Storyteller, Freedom Fighter, and Poet. Her New Memoir, “Naked with The Fan Running,” is due out next year. Also, in the pipeline, a book of short stories, three children’s books, and a nonfiction work, “The Gentle Art of Story.” She has published Articles/Fiction/Poetry/ on a myriad of topics and has thirty years of experience working in the charitable non-profit sector. Born in 1962 in Alhambra, CA, United States, she earned her BA in Engl
Sheree CV.docx
Sheree LaPuma-Watson Sheree CV.docx
All School “In C”
Michael Ribiat All School “In C”
Ken Robings Personal; Cell; 818.281.7412I have been designing motion picture/video/digital and audio equipment for over thirty years now. Postgraduating from C.S.U. Fullerton I attended California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts) department ofExperimental Animation in 76/77,mentored by Jules Engel. After that I was in Hanna Barbara’sanimation training program, and then I worked on illustrating educational films in Hollywood for twoyears. Later I
Kenneth Robings 2018.pdf
Kenneth Robings Kenneth Robings 2018.pdf
Christian Van Houten History of Experimental Film Response 12 I want to say that Robert Breer’s “69” is a “musical” film, but what is meant by this? First of all, we should say that rhythm is not strictly a property of music; thus, it is more accurate to say that it is a rhythmic film, with its repeated shapes and movements throughout, and then that rhythm is a necessary but insufficient property for music, or any art, since this rhythm must “receive” a medium, a consistency, so as to take on a
Christian Van Houten HEF12.docx
Christian Van Houten Contemporary Political Theory Essay 1 In this essay I attempt to disambiguate some of the relations between the meanings of liberalism, neoliberalism, bourgeois, individualism, capitalism, and democracy, with Carl Schmitt’s The Concept of the Political and Deleuze and Guattari’s Anti-Oedipus particularly in mind. With regard to Schmitt, it is interesting to read a so-called right-wing (i.e. Nazi) critique of liberalism when most academic literature today on the subject comes
Neo/Liberalism and other Disambiguations
Christian Van Houten Neo/Liberalism and other Disambiguations
Christian Van Houten History of Experimental Film Response 4 There are two things from Stan Brakhage’s film The Wonder Ring I would like to consider. The first is layers. Specifically, the shots from inside the train looking out the window. Not only do we see what’s through the glass, but we sometimes also see the surface of the window itself, and the reflected image of those inside the train (and it’s plausible that the window reflects the other window, and they bounce back indefinitely). That’
Christian Van Houten HEF4.docx
Christian Van Houten There are many things one could say about A Movie by Bruce Conner, such as the relation between the title and the content of a movie literally composed of several movies, but I will focus instead on three related elements that came to mind while watching. One is particular to the film and the other two more general to the construction and experience of film, based on what is done here. The first is the sequencing images from disparate sources in a found footage film, specif
Christian Van Houten HEF5.docx
Christian Van Houten History of Experimental Film Response 7 Take the 5:10 to Dreamland, Bruce Conner. Immediately called to mind is 3:10 to Yuma, which refers to a train line. Already, then, we know that we’re going somewhere in the film. Indeed, the object – a white flower petal? – propelled upward by the radiator appears to transform into a kind of space rocket. And we get scientific diagrams and other objects that reinforce this possibility. Then, the “rocket”, having undergone yet another t
Christian Van Houten HEF7.docx
Christian Van Houten History of Experimental Film Response 8 Bridges-Go-Round and The Wonder Ring, both films of urban structures, have many similarities. However, what constitutes the films’ vast differences is how these similarities – and the interrelations between these elements – are foregrounded. The similarities, generally speaking, are of: color, shape, space, and texture. There are actually few colors, numerically, in Bridges-Go-Round, but they take a prominent role because of the large,
History of Experimental Film Response 8.docx
Christian Van Houten History of Experimental Film Response 8.docx
Christian Van Houten History of Experimental Film Response 9 Earthly Possessions (The Looking Glass Trilogy, Part III) by Pelle Lowe. “When the world leaves you”, words spoken in the film, would be an apt description for both what seems to go on in it as well as the experiencing of it. The quality of the Super 8 itself has a lot to do with this otherworldliness: namely, the sonic distortions and the off-white color values that feel like parchment. Though much of the film takes place in interior
History of Experimental Film Response 9.docx
Christian Van Houten History of Experimental Film Response 9.docx
Creative Writing
Marley Townsend Creative Writing
Alaina Lopilato From: Denver, Colorado Education: Graduated from Prairie View High School, class of 2015. Completed two semesters of college courses. High School Theatre Thoroughly Modern Millie Dorothy Parker Prairie View Theatre Department Nobody Famous Madame Mooch Prairie View Theatre Department Fools Slovitch Prairie View Theatre Department Macbeth Witch 1 Prairie View Theatre Department The Drowsy Chaperone Gangster 1 Prairie View Theatre Department Almos
Acting Resume.docx
Alaina Lopilato Acting Resume.docx
I know where to find the beauty but I am frightened For a crevice could soon gape and gravity will mistake you for matter I know where to find the beauty but I fear being warped, wild, west of my duty It has grown so tall Not long now but I don’t know how to water I am lucky for my life is framed and I know where to find the beauty but I don’t know Jolly good frame too how to ache or how to water Blessed like cotton Blessed like sugar Broken by mere chance I think I know, for fuck’s sake Blessed
Poem #1
Patrick Shand Poem #1
Baneposting Script
Thomas Finney Baneposting Script
Herbert [1] Risk Assessment The morning already had an oppressive heat. Chloe Hutton, sole inheritor of Hutton Investigation Services on Wimberley Avenue, spent the greater part of two hours fighting with the window. When it was open, the humidity swept in like the tide and made her pressed white blouse cling to her damp back and breasts. With the window closed, however, the air grew hot enough to turn a single sniffle into a bloody nose. Eventually, Chloe gave up and propped open the door to
Risk Assessment
Rachel Herbert Risk Assessment
about 11,100 words Rachel Herbert 6204 Hope St., Simi Valley, CA 93063 (805) 433-5324 While the Stars Watched By Rachel Herbert Everyone kept talking about it. No matter what the crew did, or said, no one left it alone. Plenty of people had their ideas and speculations, but there was only one fact: a crewmember drowned in a pond from one of the gardens. They found him face down in the water, naked. His uniform, left on the grassy bank, was in a piled heap and his
While The Stars Watched
Rachel Herbert While The Stars Watched
“Grandma Died” Sir Purrington found her tongue delicious.
Six-Word Stories
Rachel Herbert Six-Word Stories
Sneaker Waves Grandma warned me, From the depths they will rise to swallow everything Forged in darkness Pulled forth from the cosmos There is no escape We cannot see them They are coming It will hurt
Sneaker Waves
James Bernard Sneaker Waves