Sensation of Death Rate Acceleration
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Linda Marie Lockwood Sensation of Death Rate Acceleration
Doin’ Fine
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Linda Marie Lockwood Doin’ Fine
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Linda Marie Lockwood Underpaid
Woolard 1 Anton Arcadia’s Supernatural Speakeasy Ty had to stand on tiptoes to kiss Natalie’s lips, but he didn’t mind. The setting sun glinted off the front window of the Murrays’ butcher shop, framing Natalie’s face in a golden light as Ty looked up at her. A halo for an angel, he thought. Contrived, yes, and cheesy beyond all reason, but appropriate. Lucy’s pitch black parasol blotted out the light as she stepped up beside the couple. “Sure you can’t come with us, Nat?” she asked. She
Anton Arcadia's Supernatural Speakeasy
Nathan Woolard Anton Arcadia's Supernatural Speakeasy
Woolard 1 Sir Aurea Aurea’s entrance was masked by the roar of the tavern patrons, cheering and booing at the outcome of the joust playing on the big-screen magic mirror. Sir Mount had been favored to win, but in a shocking upset he was defeated by Sir Prise. Money begrudgingly changed hands under the table as Aurea took a seat at the end of the bar. Dinner was rarely an occasion that she looked forward to; good food was scarce in these parts, and rarer still was a meal that didn’t lead to
Sir Aurea
Nathan Woolard Sir Aurea
Woolard 1 Wings Once upon a time, there was a silver angel. They were widely regarded to be the most beautiful being in all of creation. Their prodigious wings shimmered in the golden light of the heavens. The constant dazzling gleam outshone the Sun itself, and others came to know the angel as Astrulux: The Shining Star. Even the peoples of the land beneath the clouds saw the light of the angel and revered their celestial luminescence. It was said that Astrulux was blessed by the Great Crea
Nathan Woolard Wings
Woolard 1 Mother Tongue Lily pressed on against the biting wind, clutching her woolen cloak to her chest in a futile attempt to ward off the cold. The trail ahead of her would have posed a hefty challenge even in the summer months; to tackle it in the depths of winter was virtual suicide. But Lily was unfazed. Her mission was too important to be impeded by mere snow. A full-on blizzard would not be enough to extinguish the fire in her heart. A week ago, she would have never even attempted
Mother Tongue
Nathan Woolard Mother Tongue
Woolard 1 The Captive Princess Aurea sat straight up in bed. Discordant sounds assaulted her ears from beyond the heavy iron door, which rattled on its hinges. The bone-jarring crash of steel on steel. The splintering of wood. A high-pitched cackle, like a hyena’s. The hiss of burning pitch. Someone was in the keep, dueling with Malcolm. Someone had come to rescue her. It was exactly what she’d read about in fairy tales. The dashing Hero had arrived to rescue her from her prison. Sh
The Captive Princess
Nathan Woolard The Captive Princess
Nathan Woolard 1 Lost Soul White snow blanketed the black forest. Moonbeams, full and bright, barely penetrated the canopy of branches to reach the earth below. No natural sound disturbed the emptiness of the night. The wildlife did not stir. All was still. The fresh snow crunched beneath Alistair’s boots. An icy wind blew down his bare neck. Fourteen-years-old and he still forgot to bring his scarf. Noah would have known better. But it didn’t matter now. Where he was going, he wo
Lost Soul
Nathan Woolard Lost Soul

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+ABOUT Sheree is a passionate Wordsmith, Creative Storyteller, Freedom Fighter, and Poet. Her New Memoir, “Naked with The Fan Running,” is due out next year. Also, in the pipeline, a book of short stories, three children’s books, and a nonfiction work, “The Gentle Art of Story.” She has published Articles/Fiction/Poetry/ on a myriad of topics and has thirty years of experience working in the charitable non-profit sector. Born in 1962 in Alhambra, CA, United States, she earned her BA in Engl
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Sheree LaPuma-Watson Sheree CV.docx
Garden Without Flowers
Alyssa Sherwood Garden Without Flowers
Tourist Eye (CUBA)
Alyssa Sherwood Tourist Eye (CUBA)
Thousand Mile Stare
Alyssa Sherwood Thousand Mile Stare
Alyssa Sherwood Ravengrin
Alyssa Sherwood Green
Alyssa Sherwood Migrations
Alyssa Sherwood Lakedoll
The UnWoods
Alyssa Sherwood The UnWoods
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Quasar Wei Blade Runner 2049 spinner
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Jonah Primiano jimmies
Sharing Back Explainer Video
Osman Hyder Sharing Back Explainer Video
The Leopard
Osman Hyder The Leopard
The Last Man (Excerpt)
James Michel The Last Man (Excerpt)
Undergrad Student Filmmaking Reel
James Michel Undergrad Student Filmmaking Reel
Comfort Food
James Michel Comfort Food