Animation Demo
Nalena Kumar Animation Demo
Sensation of Death Rate Acceleration
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Linda Marie Lockwood Sensation of Death Rate Acceleration
Doin’ Fine
1 track
Linda Marie Lockwood Doin’ Fine
1 track
Linda Marie Lockwood Underpaid
Deb Robicheau Octopus' Garden
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Deb Robicheau Random paintings

Academics, Artists, and Museums5.pdf


Deborah E Banerjee Academics, Artists, and Museums5.pdf
Deborah E Banerjee Ranger3
Deborah E Banerjee HUbble
+ABOUT Sheree is a passionate Wordsmith, Creative Storyteller, Freedom Fighter, and Poet. Her New Memoir, “Naked with The Fan Running,” is due out next year. Also, in the pipeline, a book of short stories, three children’s books, and a nonfiction work, “The Gentle Art of Story.” She has published Articles/Fiction/Poetry/ on a myriad of topics and has thirty years of experience working in the charitable non-profit sector. Born in 1962 in Alhambra, CA, United States, she earned her BA in Engl
Sheree CV.docx
Sheree LaPuma-Watson Sheree CV.docx
Bradford Taybrook Mills Man v. Carrot
AHEE - Get Higher
Bradford Taybrook Mills AHEE - Get Higher
Garden Without Flowers
Alyssa Sherwood Garden Without Flowers
Tourist Eye (CUBA)
Alyssa Sherwood Tourist Eye (CUBA)
Thousand Mile Stare
Alyssa Sherwood Thousand Mile Stare
Alyssa Sherwood Ravengrin
Alyssa Sherwood Green
Alyssa Sherwood Migrations
Alyssa Sherwood Lakedoll
The UnWoods
Alyssa Sherwood The UnWoods
Costantino Ciminiello Red Lipstick
Costantino Ciminiello Media Obsessed
Mr. Bowling Ball Teaser
Costantino Ciminiello Mr. Bowling Ball Teaser
The Maestro | Scary Short Horror Film | Crypt TV
Costantino Ciminiello The Maestro | Scary Short Horror Film | Crypt TV
All School “In C”
Michael Ribiat All School “In C”
Michael Ribiat Inkblots
NEW PREVIEW 5 from "TESLA"  (Opera/Music-Theater) (with Notes)
Dr. Carson Kievman NEW PREVIEW 5 from "TESLA" (Opera/Music-Theater) (with Notes)
Ken Robings Personal; Cell; 818.281.7412I have been designing motion picture/video/digital and audio equipment for over thirty years now. Postgraduating from C.S.U. Fullerton I attended California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts) department ofExperimental Animation in 76/77,mentored by Jules Engel. After that I was in Hanna Barbara’sanimation training program, and then I worked on illustrating educational films in Hollywood for twoyears. Later I
Kenneth Robings 2018.pdf
Kenneth Robings Kenneth Robings 2018.pdf
How to Start a Business
Alan Jennings How to Start a Business