Woolard 1 White Rose The year is 2110. America has been divided along the Mississippi River. The Western Union is a chrome-covered utopia governed by the wise and beloved Council. The East is no more. After being orphaned at a young age, Auri Midas has been forced to call New Washington Academy his home. His everyday life is dictated by the rules of the Council – a dull and uneventful routine only disrupted by the occasional beatings from the school bully. The sole bright spot in Auri’s bl
White Rose - excerpt
Nathan Woolard White Rose - excerpt
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Quasar Wei City Hall Interior Blockout
Pax Nelson Escape
What movie to watch?
Pax Nelson What movie to watch?
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Lucia Ximena marcha del orgullo, quito, EC
Pax Nelson Sami
Pax Nelson There are no dogs allowed in the dog park. There is nothing in the dog park. The dog park does not exist. Get away from the dog park
Pax Nelson Take your time. Relax more. Listen to the world around you and let it hit you like a wet seal.
Pax Nelson Nettlewood
Pax Nelson Monsters
Rest & Digest
Pax Nelson Rest & Digest
Pax Nelson I Miss It
Pax Nelson Burnout
Where It Takes Me — Horror Cue
Evan Johnson Where It Takes Me — Horror Cue
Where It Takes Me — Opening Cue
Evan Johnson Where It Takes Me — Opening Cue
Ricky Z's Storm Chase
Andrew Capuano Ricky Z's Storm Chase
Liebe Quark - Embrace Your Quarky [30 second]
Kyle Chang Liebe Quark - Embrace Your Quarky [30 second]
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Quasar Wei Human Skull Sculpt
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Quasar Wei UE4 Warehouse
The Boy Who Howled
Timothy Power The Boy Who Howled
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Timothy Power Sketchpad
Nathan WoolardThe Nobles - pilotINT. MRS. EDMUND’S CLASSROOM - MORNINGThe room is full of students, who chatter aimlessly amongst themselves before class starts. The teacher, MRS. EDMUND (30), small in stature, steps up before the class and clears her throat. Everyone else gives her their attention, curious. She appears rather tense as she begins to address the class.MRS. EDMUNDPay attention, everyone. Before we get started with our first lesson, I have an announcement. A new student will be joi
The Nobles - Pilot opening
Nathan Woolard The Nobles - Pilot opening
Lost SoulNathan WoolardTo revive his younger brother, young teen Alistair offers his soul to a mysterious tradesman, but guilt and grief blind him to the truth of his situation. EXT. HOUSE - NIGHTA blizzard envelopes a small house on the edge of a thickly-wooded forest. Yelling from inside the house filters out when the front door swings open and ALISTAIR, 14 years old, average height, dressed in heavy winter clothing, bursts outside. Inside, his MOTHER, mid-40’s, audibly crying, continues yelli
Lost Soul
Nathan Woolard Lost Soul
Hummingbird & Crane
Pam Covington Hummingbird & Crane
Space Flower, password: astrochip
Pam Covington Space Flower, password: astrochip
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Lucia Ximena fujifilm instax
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Lucia Ximena polaroids
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Lucia Ximena 35mm 2017-18
Pool Hazard
Kaylyn Mercedes Pool Hazard
Animal Collective - #1 (Phasing)
Christian Van Houten Animal Collective - #1 (Phasing)