Mendel's First Law as explained by my chihuahua

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This video shows how Mendel's First Law can be illustrated by making the link between the chromosomes and a Punnett Square. So much of biology occurs in time and space. Animation if done well, certainly better than this, is a great tool for teaching.
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Michael J. Bryant
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I love to tell my students that the similarities between artists and scientists exceed the differences. Both endeavors deal in the creation of new knowledge. Both endeavors attract people who look at the Universe very, VERY carefully. Both are inclined to ask deep and fundamental questions that arise from these observations. And both endeavors have a tendency to make what is hidden, visible.

My métier is biology and statistics. Among the research projects that I have worked on were the discovery of a genetic basis for lifespan in the tropic fish Poecilia reticulata (AKA the Guppy). I have been a faculty member in the School of Critical Studies at CalArts since September 2001. I teach courses in Conservation, Genetics, Evolutionary Ecology, Basic Molecular Biology and Chemistry. One of my favorite courses is called Number, Numeral, Shape and Structure, AKA "History of Mathematics". That course should really be called "Seriously, Mathematics is REALLY COOL"

I have consulted on a wide range of projects in both the visual and performing arts. I love working with artists who seek to present biological or mathematical ideas or data in ways that are both beautiful and can provide clarity to complexity. I have collaborated on projects that range from dance, photo installations and even a computer simulation to help an art historian understand the construction of decorative pillars in a French cathedral. Please feel free to contact me.