Cum on the Carpet

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LYRICS: These are some jokes Why don’t you smoke? Coliseum in my palm, warm, full of horse spunk and the deaths Master still molests I can’t dance myself out of anything, let alone another brown man burning and young men learning that Durka Durk’s covered in dirt and his blood, a blanket of shameful smirks, and his shirt does nothing for his figure and the figures go unnoticed if reported at all is forgotten In moments and they cum on the carpet As he chokes her, he chokes you A fist of dopamine, a fist in torn bodies A dagger, inching, craving the pre-seminal A stoning, masked gynocide A field of roses, budding mass graves Of all the lives we save by telling people what they want to fuck, and the colour of kids they want to die, yours is the loneliest I’m sanctimonious because I get some You love your little orange smock I fucking love your narrow gaze and your bewildered squeals as the periphery fucks you and you bleed Slurp it up, spit at your screen Sleep, deep in a machine Attention infanticide; what does that mean? What does that mean? You love it when I tie you up You love the way you fill a hole and I do too I fill you, you’re not news, you’re inevitable, inconsequential Scream Peel Erase the notion that we can change And forget the victims but revenge remains rigid until you’re stained and you’re hungry, until you repeat and your crust is a prosperous shore and few people remain people Statistics don’t fuck on the first date, fuck’s sake It’s a ghost town and the ghosts lack personal hygiene You’re binary but that doesn’t make you lonely No junkie, no Fonjo or Tootsie No sadist, just viewing abruptly ending jibberish That’ll show them That’ll show her for coming of age Fuck It, you want balut & torture No suture, don’t wake the neighbours Don’t spit for your slavers There is no war going on for your mind War is for pawns and the deluded There’s enough washed up shit on our sand There’s not enough dry socks There's too too much beach boy to get a
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hip hop
experimental electronic
spoken word
tired sluts
william walton
experimental hip hop
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Patrick Shand
Santa Clarita, CA, Glasgow, United Kingdom