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Description: Up.Rise. The Film Up.Rise. is a documentary exploration of the Baltimore Uprisings and the future of black youth. On April 15th our team will return to Baltimore to complete our documentary. We are fundraising to cover the cost of production and editing. Up.Rise. is not a singular film, but rather a series of questions, a living oral history, a homage to those lost at sea, a hope for those yet born and a testament to the unending beauty of revolutionary blackness in the face of genocide. April 19th marks the anniversary of Freddie Gray's murder. Almost a year ago he was loaded into the back of a van, as though her were already dead. His neck was snapped. How many times will we yell “I can’t breathe” while watching our death stalk us in a police uniform? This is the story of Baltimore, and every other life of color lost in the struggle.