Hong Dae Ro!

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Leader_Concept, Design, 3ds max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Mock-up


///Storytelling_20s, in our youth where we spend the half of our time at school, we grow love, friendship, and dream. But ‘Hongdae’, where it is known as the attraction of beauty, culture and youth is in fact filled with uncomfortable truth. Our workspace is shabby and scarce, which leads to lack of space for communication. Also, the ‘cultural art’ that is known to be started from the Hongik University have stereotyped into the lifestyle of ‘front of Hongdae’, also known as the cultural and commercial area while its origin are being forgotten. The purpose of this project is to reconnect the forgotten characteristic of Hongik Uni- versity. ///Background_‘Hongdae’, there are two different space exists under this name, the university’s academic space and the cultural space in front of it. Between these two, there is a boundary. The object is to tear down this boundary and fuse the two spaces into a whole new cultural community. ///Concept_Path is one of the elements of space that provides image to it. By planting several identities to the paths inside the campus, the culture and history of the ‘front of Hongdae’ will be drawn. By doing so, ‘Hongdae’ will be defined as both academic and cultural space.
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3-D, Public Art, Architecture, Installation Art, Environmental, Industrial Design, Street Art


Songyi Park